Gotta Catch These Pokémon Party IDEAS for Kids!



If you have a little fan of the Pokémon Craze, let me give you some ideas for a party. I don’t play Pokémon Go and know little about the different characters but managed to come up with ideas based on the characters’ habits, likes, and behaviors. I couldn’t have done this party without my sister’s help. A big mahalo to you, Sis! We make a great team (Rocket).

A Personalized Invitation Ideainvitep


Pokémon Hats

 Hand out hats that were purchased from Party City .





Pikachu Bags

Make Pikachu bags made from yellow gift bags. Simply hot glue on ears, eyes, cheeks, and use a black marker for the details.



Pokémon Activity Stops

Thirteen Pokémon stops were created based on the guest of honor’s favorite characters. Pokémon badges were awarded to all that participated at each stop. The badges were printed out on label paper and cut out individually. The activities for the entire thirteen stops took about 1 1/2 hours to complete and that was with a dozen kids participating. Ages ranged from 2 to 10 years. There was enough variety that the kids didn’t seem to get bored and enthusiastically cooperated.

The Pokémon characters were cut out from flattened, corrugated, large cardboard boxes.  They were drawn close to scale and painted using acrylic and latex paint.

A COST SAVING trick that I have used for years is to buy mis-tinted gallons of latex paint (mostly shades of white) from paint stores to mix with the darkest and truest primary colors in acrylic.

The backside of the cardboard cutouts were first painted dark gray. Using a paint roller makes this a quick task. It gave a finished look because the backsides were visible.




Welcome guests… I mean trainers!




First Stop: Rhyhorn


The kids lined up behind an outstretched hose on the lawn. We gave them a cone shaped party hat and had them position it on their forehead to act as a horn. They got down on all fours and on the words ready, set, go they pushed a ball to the finish line using their horn. This entertained the adults and the kids thought it was fun, although some of the younger ones found it a bit frustrating.




Second Stop: Gloom

gloomHand out small containers of green tinted corn syrup to each child. Have them open the lids and sip the chlorophyll and let it ooze out of their mouths. Their comments were hysterical. They were apprehensive about even tasting the green ooze but once they started the children had fun. A few had to be enticed by telling them to think of it as liquid candy. It worked and they loved it. We had wipes available for easy clean up after the activity.ooze



Third Stop: Meowth


We hid plastic gold coins prior to the party starting for the kids to find using their Pikachu bags. All kids like hunting for treasure.




Fourth Stop: Hypno

hypnoWe had the children start behind the outstretched hose and had them walk forward to the finish line after turning in circles 10 times. Effective and a quick stop.



Fifth Stop: Pikachu


Pin the tail on Pikachu was played at this stop, a tried and true favorite.




Sixth Stop: Jigglypuff


We played Jigglypuff’s song on an iPhone while asking the children to fall under her trance by pretending to fall asleep while I drew on their faces, just as Jigglypuff is reported to do. We used a black face painting pencil. The kids loved this stop and were anxious to see what Jigglypuff had drawn on their faces. Have a sharpener at hand if the pencil dulls and a hand mirror for the kids to check out Jigglypuff’s handiwork.






Seventh Stop: Electabuzz


We gave the kids glow-in-the-dark bracelets to toss at a target.




Eighth Stop: Ponyta

ponytaWe set up a simple obstacle course for the children to run and jump and prance thru.





Ninth Stop: Charizard


Red fire plastic balls were given to the children, in turn, and were asked to throw the balls into target baskets.





Tenth Stop: Horsea


We hung plastic bugs (tied to thin cords) around the perimeter of a portable canopy. We hung a large bug on a long cord in the center of the canopy. The object of the game was to swing the large bug to capture one of the smaller hanging bugs.  They were allowed to keep the bugs that they captured. This was another fun activity that went over well because it was different.

unknown              screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-4-40-42-pm



If you are a party helper, why not get into the spirit by dressing up as Team Rocket? A red R hot glued onto a white t-shirt makes for a simple costume.




Eleventh Stop: Arbok


We had everyone lie down on the lawn (on their stomach) and stretch into the Yoga Cobra pose. It was an effective calming down activity.




Twelfth Stop: Haunter


Two Haunter caves were created by covering two pup tents with black plastic bags. The children were divided into two teams and asked to retrieve the balls  inside the cave, back to the finish line. Even after the activity portion of the party was over, the children enjoyed playing in the caves.




Thirteenth Stop:  Chansey


Chansey hid Pokéballs for the kids to hunt. We turned 144 ping pong balls into Pokéballs and hid them in a nearby school’s field. This was the last stop of the party and gave the kids one last opportunity to run around. This was another favorite activity.







Pokéball directions: Tape blue painter’s tape around the center mark of each ping pong ball. The tape forms a stand to rest the ball on once the balls are spray painted. While I tried a few methods, the best result was achieved when I held up each ball (while wearing a latex glove) and spraying each ball individually. Spray painting was time consuming. Be sure you do this in a protected area because the least bit of wind can blow the balls in all directions. After allowing to dry overnight, I removed the tape and used a fine grade sandpaper to easily remove any overspray or glove prints on each ball and there were plenty of mishaps. Sanding didn’t take long and well worth the clean look. I cut black electrical tape length wise in half and wrapped the strip around the center. The finishing touch was the reinforcement labels that were added to the center.img_1867



The Food

Pokémon Pizzas


Make things simple and order (or make) pizzas that are half cheese and half pepperoni with the black olive band. By also offering a salad bar and bread sticks, I think you’ll please nearly everyone.

We made simple cupcakes and printed out toppers that were hot glued to treat sticks, for an easy birthday cake.




Goody Bags


Each bag held a red plastic bowl filled with shredded red paper, Pokémon cards, Pokémon plastic characters, Pokémon bubbles, and Pokémon stickers. The bowls were wrapped with cellophane and tied off with ribbon and a Pokéball emblem. Feel free to print the Pokéball sheet below or this pdf


Pokéball Piñata


Can’t forget the piñata! Instead of using a balloon as a form, I used a beach ball. It was close to being perfectly round and I simply deflated the ball and removed it after the newspaper and flour mixture had throughly dried, without damaging the beach ball. I hot glued white, red and black crepe paper to finish.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas and inspired you to put on your own Pokémon Party. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or offer suggestions.



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It All Started with a DOT!


September 15th marks International Dot Day. How are you celebrating? This wondrous campaign encourages creativity and self discovery and is based on the picture book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.

Amazon     iTunes     Barnes and Noble

For a limited time only the eBook version is available for $1.99.

In the story, a young girl is encouraged by her teacher and is eventually inspired to do more than she ever imagined. It has a uplifting message and an official song that I cannot get out of my head…make, make, make a mark…

The Bouncing Dot Official Music Video for The Dot Song from FableVision Learning on Vimeo.

Join in the celebration by signing up on International Dot Day’s website.  You’ll find plenty of inspiration whether you are a teacher, student, author, or illustrator on their site. There’s a Dot Gallery full of photos to get ideas, videos and even a Celebri-dot blog. Here is my 2015 DOT where we think that every dot matters.


My local children’s library is participating this year. I cannot wait to see this banner filled with creative dots and I’ll try to take an after the event picture.



Dot Day banner all framed in swirly gold!



Dot Day dot-making station.


Dot Day banner filled to the brim.

So… in honor of International Dot Day and especially to those who think they cannot draw: “Just make a mark and see where it takes you.” YOU can do it!

Beach Party Ideas (Water Not Required)


I do enjoy creating a themed kid’s party. This year my niece wanted a Hawaiian themed birthday party and I was thrilled to contribute.

Slippah invitations were made out of card stock, decorative paper, ribbon and felt flower adornment. The words were printed out on plain paper and attached to the bottom.

Invitation reads: Surf’s up at the (child’s last name)s! Bring your SLIPPAHS and your swimsuit to CELEBRATE (child’s first name)’s (age) birthday. Share the Aloha Spirit & Island Flavor!  (party details) Mahalo!



Every tropical themed party needs palm trees. I constructed these from paper, cardboard tubes and brown paper bags. PalmFrond


A beach sunset backdrop captures the essence of the islands’ splendor. Faux bamboo table legs (cut to length) made out of painted cardboard tubes, cover up the table’s legs. Portable canopy’s support legs would also benefit from this cover up. Cut strips up green plastic tablecloths to form a hula table skirt. Hula skirts and leis are a must, as are single flower clip-ons for guests. Colorful party ware is easy to come by at the dollar-type of stores.



Candy leis are super easy to make and can take the place of a piñata’s candy. Customize with your child’s favorite flavors.



Under-the-sea photo opp that’s sure to make them grin or…shiver.


Menu favorites: Teriyaki chicken and beef skewers, steamed rice, steamed edamame, peanut noodle salad, Spam musubi, fresh pineapple and papaya. Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate are a cool healthy treat. Gold fish crackers and rice crackers would make a simple pre-meal snack. Stick paper umbrellas in drinks and toss single orchid blossoms (pre-ordered from florist) on serving plates.

Candy sushi from Kim Becker aka mommy would be fun to serve.

Shave Ice cupcakes from Just Jenn Recipes is a perfect dessert choice for this celebration. I’d display them on a layer of ice to keep up the illusion. Don’t forget to add a wooden spoon and straw.





Add some sand to a wading pool, with shovels, shells and a few treasures to dig for.

Take turns rolling coconuts to knock down a group of stacked items.

Tie fishing line to a clothes pin and attach to the end of a bamboo stick to have each guest retrieve a lunker of a prize (gift bag).

Buy cheap (dollar) boogie boards. String and tie rope through to create a long handle. Have each guest balance an object on the board as they pull along the boards in a team race.

You can’t go wrong with water balloons or slip and slides, especially if it’s a hot day. Spread out some colorful towels so the kiddos can dry off.

Put on a Hula hoop contest.

Throw around some beach balls.

In case you want a sweet beachy themed ebook to share with young guests, do I have a story for you! The Adventures of Lovable Lobo: Lobo Goes to the Galapagos, by yours truly.

You can view it on your Smartphone with the Kindle App or on a Kindle Fire. It’s also available for the iPad on iTunes.


Crank up some Hawaiian music and hang loose. Know anyone that plays the ukelele? Put them on your list to invite.

I LAVA the newest short based on the real underwater volcano off the coast of the Big Island from Disney Pixar. I have to share it. Love the music and what it represents. For a short time (until Aug 12) a full version is available on the Disney Movies Anywhere app for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. iTunes

LAVA song

In the spirit of the song…

I have a dream I hope will come true. I hope that these ideas will inspire you. 

Mahalo for stopping by to visit! ~Cathy

A hui hou kākou.

(Until we meet again.)

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Give a BOOK on Valentine’s Day to celebrate INTERNATIONAL BOOK GIVING DAY!

This initiative’s aim is to get books into the hands of as many children as possible.

Check out how you can get involved in this year’s event: HERE


We’re doing our part. Our stack is piled high and at least one book each will be given out to the S.M.A.R.T. reading program, the local library, 4 elementary schools, pediatrician’s office, dentist’s office, and veterinarian’s office. It feels like Christmas! #giveabook



And in case I haven’t told you lately, I’d really STINK if we weren’t friends. ❤


Please share these printable pdf (4up) Lovable Lobo valentine cards:


P.S. They’d also make a good bookmark. *hint*

Did you hear me howling with delight? It’s all because Mrs. Cofsky shared my valentines, P.A.W.S.O.M.E. bracelets and wolf stuffie with her first grade class. I’m so happy they enjoyed them! ❤ Thank you for sharing the pictures!

photo 2 photo 3 copy photo 5 photo 4

Oh, I loved thee, Halloween.


Halloween makes me melancholy. I miss those Halloweens when my sons were young. Our costumes were NEVER last minute. We planned for weeks for the occasion. The recipe always started with flour, a balloon and a little paper mache. Add in paint, fabric, and hot glue, and I managed to come up with some unique handmade get ups, many of them inspired by books. Our Halloween decor always included a stack of themed books that were put out the first day of October, only read for the month, and then stored away until the following year.


Halloween Request 

Mom, can you sew a costume for me?
I’ve decided exactly what I want to be

I’d like to go as a monkey bear
So sew a costume with lots of hair

Or wait, I think I’ll go as Alice
in Wonderland, can you sew a palace?

I just had the best idea
I’m going as a fresh tortilla

No, I’ve changed my mind again
I want to be Goldilocks in a pigpen

That doesn’t make sense, how about
You sew me a costume with a pig snout?

I’ve got it! I’ll go as BatSuperman
You’ve got ten minutes, finish quick as you can

Poem from Kids Activities from Woo! Jr. – A Network of Websites for Kids, Teachers & Parents




We loved THE THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF, and I would delight in narrating the story using different voices.

“Who’s that crossing my bridge?” growled the troll.  “Oh, please don’t eat me!” begged the littlest billy goat.~ from The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Jim Lawrence

Unbeknownest to me, my son had chicken pox that year under all that troll costume. No one was the wiser that he was a walking contagion, including me.



The Dragon from ANIMALIA


Graeme Base’s ANIMALIA inspired the dragon costume and a dragon mural that I eventually painted on a bedroom wall. I was obsessed with this book, and Base’s THE ELEVENTH HOUR. We loved pouring over the gorgeous, detailed illustrations, and words.

Diabolical dragons daintily devouring delicious delicacies” ~ from Animalia by Graeme Base



Snakes & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails…and Reptiles



We went through a rather long reptile phase, and that inspired the cobra and Jackson’s chameleon costumes. We captured several Jackson’s chameleons while living in Hawaii, kept them to observe, and released them back into the wild, or until they escaped. They are fascinating creatures with their independently rotating eyes and prehensile tail. Trust me when I say that you haven’t lived until you’ve presented a cold blooded creature with a banana slug, and it is snatched from your hands by a tongue that is 1 1/2 times its body length. Now, that’s creepy!

We read every BOOK we could get our hands on about reptiles.

It’s a very good thing that my sons didn’t trip and fall because I see, now, that these costumes were a hazard. Yikes!



Power Rangers



Power Rangers were all the rage back then. One year the costumes of choice had to be the Green Ranger and Rita Repulsa, the Mistress of Mayhem. I originally made the Rita costume for myself, but ended up altering it for our young friend. Go, go Power Rangers!! They’re coming to save the world! I think the world could using some saving. Where are you, now, Power Rangers?



Shredder from Ninja Turtles



I can’t forget the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or their archenemy Shredder. Turtle fans we were! Cow-a-bung-a! The word turtle happened to be my oldest son’s first word he uttered right after he mastered dada and mama. Coincidence? Maybe. We still joke that it was due to the teenaged fictional team.



Pumba from The Lion King



Disney movies were our favorite and The Lion King played a part in this Pumba costume, complete with a mouthful of chubby grub.



Ewok from Star Wars


We were Star Wars fanatics, too! Ewoks had to be the cutest mammaloid pibeds in show biz. At least I thought my little harry pibed was that year.





One of the funniest costumes had to be this one, that was based on the animated series CatDog. The series depicted a conjoined twin hybrid of a cat and a dog. Their antics were bizarre but the idea made for a great costume.



Crash Bandicoot


The boys soon began to request video game character costumes, like this one, Crash Bandicoot and I obliged. Their reading material included strategy guides. Reading is reading, right?


Alas, those days are gone. We entered many costume contests and won nearly every one. The winning meant recognition for the creative outlet that I craved. The boys enjoyed their contests’ winnings and never once complained about their awkward costumes. As I look back at the pictures, I am not sure why they did not.

Enjoy the SPOOKTACULAR dress up times with your lil’ ghouls and goblins, because time passes…and oh, how so quickly.