Hazardous Ways to Gain Attention Towards Your Newly Released Book & Last Stop

Whether you are a traditionally published author or not, there needs to be great thought in how you’ll promote your new book and a plan in place well before it is released into the wild. UnknownIt’s sink or swim in the sea of new books released daily, and you’ll need to get creative to merely stay afloat. May I suggest the following ways to possibly gain attention?

Warning: Some or all suggestions may be hazardous to your health.



A) Send up smoke signals. Big puffy ones. Yes, I’m suggesting starting a fire in a safe location, like in your barbecue. Make sure you have a nearby hose and follow proper protocol. And if the fire department is mistakenly called because of all the smoke and comes a-calling, make sure you give each crew member a signed copy of your book and maybe homemade cookies. Secretly hope that the incident makes local news and gets picked up by the Associated Press, goes viral and then you’re asked to appear on The Ellen Show, even if it’s just for your cookie recipe.




B) Sell your first born to finance the hiring of the Goodyear Blimp to appear at an outdoor national event with the cover of your book plastered to its side. Does it have a side? Or as a less costly, but more dangerous option, hire a sky writer. Have them write BUY MY BOOK in the sky while you’re sky diving down as you throw copies of your book to the onlooking crowd while yelling “incoming” and/or “fore” and hope you don’t get fined for littering and that you remember to pull your ripcord.




C) Send a gazillion invitations out to peeps begging them for their participation in a blog tour that you decide to host yourself. Question yourself on this decision hourly. Convince yourself that all of the unanswered invitations ended up in the intendeds’ spam folder and were never seen. Make sure you offer a decent prize to entice readers’ interest, even if you have to sacrifice your monthly food budget to finance the giveaway. Be eternally grateful to all those that do accept your invitation and want to help you get the word out.



So…the last stop on my tour is dedicated to the wonderful bloggers, book reviewers, fellow authors and great KidLit peeps that helped to make the blog tour a success in so many ways. How many, you ask?

Let me count the many wonderful ways, as I recap the month…

  1. Cat Michaels asked Lobo questions in his first ever super fun interview.
  2. K. Lamb interviewed C.L. Murphy and said “Ms. Murphy weaves an adorable “tale”of what happens when nature meets technology.”
  3. “Not only is this book cute and entertaining but C.L. Murphy has created a number of activities to go with her new book.”~ Adalinc to Life
  4. “What an adorable book!” ~Bound 4 Escape
  5. Mom Read it joined in the fun and posted on her wonderful blog.
  6. JT of Where Connor and JT go said “I liked it. The animals are silly.”
  7. “I think Selfies In The Wild will get your children “wild” about reading.” ~ Literate for Life
  8. “The drawings of the characters set in real life nature scenes brings more delight to the story.” ~ Books by Rose
  9. “Fun characters. Great illustrations. I loved reading this book.”~ Kay Lalone
  10. “Cute and giggle-worthy, Selfies in the Wild will have your little one laughing out loud and enjoying the yet another adventure from Lovable Lobo!” ~Sassy and Dangerous
  11. Carmela Dutra interviewed C.L. Murphy and said, “What an adorable book!”
  12. “My grandchildren and I are crazy about Lovable Lobo!” ~ Grammy Pags A.K.A. Rhonda Paglia
  13. “Lovable Lobo and his friends teach us a few things along the way…There’s a whole lot in this little book.” ~Books Direct
  14. “Selfies in the Wild is an adorable book that your kids are sure to love!”~Christy’s Cozy Corners
  15. “This book was so much fun to read!” ~Unleashing Readers
  16. “I love how all the animals interact with the camera and put their best foot forward when taking their selfie.” ~ David Chuka
  17. “This book is an absolutely adorable picture book.”~Reading Authors
  18. “Filled with humor and fun this book is certain to become a fast favorite among young readers and parents will enjoy it too!” ~Beach Bound Books
  19. “Lovable Lobo is one of my favorite animal critters.”~ Barbara Ann Mojica
  20. “Amanda and I had fun reading Selfies in the Wild together.” ~Amanda’s Books and More
  21. “Selfies in the Wild is an unexpected, perfectly wild adventure for kids of all ages.” ~Kid Lit Reviews
  22. “The author has an incredible imaginative way with words and art that captures the hearts of children and adults alike.”~One Girl Writes
  23. “…this book adorably speculates conversations among the forest critters.” ~Cymplified

Thank you one and all! I could not have done it without you!

WOW! The POWER of social media continues to amaze, as there were over 15,000 entries in the giveaway! The giveaway ends on August 31 at 11:59 p.m. There may still be time to enter HERE.


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