Beach Party Ideas (Water Not Required)


I do enjoy creating a themed kid’s party. This year my niece wanted a Hawaiian themed birthday party and I was thrilled to contribute.

Slippah invitations were made out of card stock, decorative paper, ribbon and felt flower adornment. The words were printed out on plain paper and attached to the bottom.

Invitation reads: Surf’s up at the (child’s last name)s! Bring your SLIPPAHS and your swimsuit to CELEBRATE (child’s first name)’s (age) birthday. Share the Aloha Spirit & Island Flavor!  (party details) Mahalo!



Every tropical themed party needs palm trees. I constructed these from paper, cardboard tubes and brown paper bags. PalmFrond


A beach sunset backdrop captures the essence of the islands’ splendor. Faux bamboo table legs (cut to length) made out of painted cardboard tubes, cover up the table’s legs. Portable canopy’s support legs would also benefit from this cover up. Cut strips up green plastic tablecloths to form a hula table skirt. Hula skirts and leis are a must, as are single flower clip-ons for guests. Colorful party ware is easy to come by at the dollar-type of stores.



Candy leis are super easy to make and can take the place of a piñata’s candy. Customize with your child’s favorite flavors.



Under-the-sea photo opp that’s sure to make them grin or…shiver.


Menu favorites: Teriyaki chicken and beef skewers, steamed rice, steamed edamame, peanut noodle salad, Spam musubi, fresh pineapple and papaya. Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate are a cool healthy treat. Gold fish crackers and rice crackers would make a simple pre-meal snack. Stick paper umbrellas in drinks and toss single orchid blossoms (pre-ordered from florist) on serving plates.

Candy sushi from Kim Becker aka mommy would be fun to serve.

Shave Ice cupcakes from Just Jenn Recipes is a perfect dessert choice for this celebration. I’d display them on a layer of ice to keep up the illusion. Don’t forget to add a wooden spoon and straw.





Add some sand to a wading pool, with shovels, shells and a few treasures to dig for.

Take turns rolling coconuts to knock down a group of stacked items.

Tie fishing line to a clothes pin and attach to the end of a bamboo stick to have each guest retrieve a lunker of a prize (gift bag).

Buy cheap (dollar) boogie boards. String and tie rope through to create a long handle. Have each guest balance an object on the board as they pull along the boards in a team race.

You can’t go wrong with water balloons or slip and slides, especially if it’s a hot day. Spread out some colorful towels so the kiddos can dry off.

Put on a Hula hoop contest.

Throw around some beach balls.

In case you want a sweet beachy themed ebook to share with young guests, do I have a story for you! The Adventures of Lovable Lobo: Lobo Goes to the Galapagos, by yours truly.

You can view it on your Smartphone with the Kindle App or on a Kindle Fire. It’s also available for the iPad on iTunes.


Crank up some Hawaiian music and hang loose. Know anyone that plays the ukelele? Put them on your list to invite.

I LAVA the newest short based on the real underwater volcano off the coast of the Big Island from Disney Pixar. I have to share it. Love the music and what it represents. For a short time (until Aug 12) a full version is available on the Disney Movies Anywhere app for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. iTunes

LAVA song

In the spirit of the song…

I have a dream I hope will come true. I hope that these ideas will inspire you. 

Mahalo for stopping by to visit! ~Cathy

A hui hou kākou.

(Until we meet again.)


11 thoughts on “Beach Party Ideas (Water Not Required)

    • A dragon’s birthday party? We hope we’re on the guest list. Snarls would love Hawaii’s fire-breathing volcanoes. What dragon wouldn’t? Thanks for stopping by, Diane! ❤


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