Marvelous Moms in Memorable (Newly Released) Picture Books

The month of May is upon us, and what better way to celebrate both Children’s Book Week and Mother’s Day than with picture books that portray moms in a delightful fashion.





Written and illustrated by Matthew Cordell

Published by Disney-Hyperion

March 3, 2015

Age range: 3-5 years

48 pages



The thought of rearing and nurturing a little being becomes an overwhelming desire for this elephant couple. Their angst and anticipation of a baby is conveyed in a such a sweet way through the charming illustrations. What a precious gift this would make to new parents, as it expresses the fulfillment and utter joy that a new baby brings.

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Olive Marshmallow



Written and illustrated by Katie Saunders

Published by Little Bee Books

March 3, 2015

Age range: 3-6 years

40 pages



Sibling rivalry rears its head in this story as a young boy realizes the uncertainty that comes when expecting a new addition to the family. Fun illustrations convey every drop of the expected pinkness to the story.

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Dinosaur vs. Mommy



Written and illustrated by Bob Shea

Published by Disney-Hyperion

March 3, 2015

Age range: 3-5 years pages

40 pages 



This has rambuntious boy energy written all over it. Dinosaur roars his way into your heart with simple text and bright illustrations in a manner that Bob Shea pulls off in a dino-mite way.

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Families, Families, Families!



Written and illustrated by Suzanne Lang and Max Lang

Published by Random House Books for Young Readers

March 24, 2015

Age range: 3-7 years

32 pages




The animal expressions in this book are delightful, as is the use of accenting picture frames. The book poignantly points out that families can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, species and nontraditional forms. Love is the glue that binds these quirky families together.

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My Grandma’s a Ninja




Written by Todd Tarpley

Illustrated by Danny Chatzikonstantinou

Published by NorthSouth

March 1, 2015

Age range: 4-8 years 

40 pages



In this tale, Grandma is one energetic ninja. This is a such a fun laugh-out-loud book and I adored the illustrations. Grandma’s pearls and her apparent need to have her purse with her, at all times, will resonate with the older generation.

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10 thoughts on “Marvelous Moms in Memorable (Newly Released) Picture Books

    • I thought my grandmother could do anything. She was so ahead of her time. Didn’t realize at the time but perhaps she, too, was a ninja. 😀 Thanks for hosting the Kid Lit Blog Hop and stopping by to comment, Renee.


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