Keeping the Blogisphere a Beautiful Place!

Thank 9xCGiQUK.png-smallyou to Carmela Dutra for nominating my blog for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Carmela is the author of a BEARY special picture book series The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear.

I’m INSPIRED by how this group of kidlit authors and illustrators support each other, cheer on, and contribute to one another’s successes.

As the rules state, I must list 7 things about myself. I hope I don’t bore you, but here goes:

1.  I once was commissioned to create 3 giant paper mache pieces of fruit for the California State Fair.

2.  I gave birth to both my sons near the Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii. You know, like the song.

3.  I made a cake for Jerry Garcia. Yes, of the Grateful Dead! The cake was for his soon-to-be wife’s birthday.

4.  I trained a wild scrub jay when I was around 8 years old.

5.  Many consider me a gourmet chef. Their judgement may or may not have been altered by the consumption of wine.

6.  I’ve swum with a shark.

7.  I can’t wait for grandkids. It’s a secret. And you know what they say, whatever is said on my blog, stays on my blog. Right? Mums the word…I mean grandmums the word.

There you have it. Seven things you never wanted to know about me.

Yours truly,

Cathy a.k.a. C.L. Murphy


11 thoughts on “Keeping the Blogisphere a Beautiful Place!

  1. These are such fun, little, interesting tidbits, Cathy!!! Love them all!! Although I, myself, would never swim with a shark. I’d be petrified. Grandkids will wonderful, too… when the time is right! Haha! (Mums the word.;)


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