It’s February and LOVE is in the AIR!

Is that LOVE that you smell, or is it the smell of a good BOOK?

Give a BOOK on Valentine’s Day to celebrate INTERNATIONAL BOOK GIVING DAY!

This initiative’s aim is to get books into the hands of as many children as possible.

Check out how you can get involved in this year’s event: HERE


We’re doing our part. Our stack is piled high and at least one book each will be given out to the S.M.A.R.T. reading program, the local library, 4 elementary schools, pediatrician’s office, dentist’s office, and veterinarian’s office. It feels like Christmas! #giveabook



And in case I haven’t told you lately, I’d really STINK if we weren’t friends. ❤


Please share these printable pdf (4up) Lovable Lobo valentine cards:


P.S. They’d also make a good bookmark. *hint*

Did you hear me howling with delight? It’s all because Mrs. Cofsky shared my valentines, P.A.W.S.O.M.E. bracelets and wolf stuffie with her first grade class. I’m so happy they enjoyed them! ❤ Thank you for sharing the pictures!

photo 2 photo 3 copy photo 5 photo 4


14 thoughts on “It’s February and LOVE is in the AIR!

  1. Thank you so much for the personalized valentine cards for my students!! They absolutely LOVED the cards, the Lovable Lobo wristbands and the stuffed Lobo!! You are PAWsome!! ❤


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