Oh, I loved thee, Halloween.


Halloween makes me melancholy. I miss those Halloweens when my sons were young. Our costumes were NEVER last minute. We planned for weeks for the occasion. The recipe always started with flour, a balloon and a little paper mache. Add in paint, fabric, and hot glue, and I managed to come up with some unique handmade get ups, many of them inspired by books. Our Halloween decor always included a stack of themed books that were put out the first day of October, only read for the month, and then stored away until the following year.


Halloween Request 

Mom, can you sew a costume for me?
I’ve decided exactly what I want to be

I’d like to go as a monkey bear
So sew a costume with lots of hair

Or wait, I think I’ll go as Alice
in Wonderland, can you sew a palace?

I just had the best idea
I’m going as a fresh tortilla

No, I’ve changed my mind again
I want to be Goldilocks in a pigpen

That doesn’t make sense, how about
You sew me a costume with a pig snout?

I’ve got it! I’ll go as BatSuperman
You’ve got ten minutes, finish quick as you can

Poem from Kids Activities from Woo! Jr. – A Network of Websites for Kids, Teachers & Parents




We loved THE THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF, and I would delight in narrating the story using different voices.

“Who’s that crossing my bridge?” growled the troll.  “Oh, please don’t eat me!” begged the littlest billy goat.~ from The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Jim Lawrence

Unbeknownest to me, my son had chicken pox that year under all that troll costume. No one was the wiser that he was a walking contagion, including me.



The Dragon from ANIMALIA


Graeme Base’s ANIMALIA inspired the dragon costume and a dragon mural that I eventually painted on a bedroom wall. I was obsessed with this book, and Base’s THE ELEVENTH HOUR. We loved pouring over the gorgeous, detailed illustrations, and words.

Diabolical dragons daintily devouring delicious delicacies” ~ from Animalia by Graeme Base



Snakes & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails…and Reptiles



We went through a rather long reptile phase, and that inspired the cobra and Jackson’s chameleon costumes. We captured several Jackson’s chameleons while living in Hawaii, kept them to observe, and released them back into the wild, or until they escaped. They are fascinating creatures with their independently rotating eyes and prehensile tail. Trust me when I say that you haven’t lived until you’ve presented a cold blooded creature with a banana slug, and it is snatched from your hands by a tongue that is 1 1/2 times its body length. Now, that’s creepy!

We read every BOOK we could get our hands on about reptiles.

It’s a very good thing that my sons didn’t trip and fall because I see, now, that these costumes were a hazard. Yikes!



Power Rangers



Power Rangers were all the rage back then. One year the costumes of choice had to be the Green Ranger and Rita Repulsa, the Mistress of Mayhem. I originally made the Rita costume for myself, but ended up altering it for our young friend. Go, go Power Rangers!! They’re coming to save the world! I think the world could using some saving. Where are you, now, Power Rangers?



Shredder from Ninja Turtles



I can’t forget the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or their archenemy Shredder. Turtle fans we were! Cow-a-bung-a! The word turtle happened to be my oldest son’s first word he uttered right after he mastered dada and mama. Coincidence? Maybe. We still joke that it was due to the teenaged fictional team.



Pumba from The Lion King



Disney movies were our favorite and The Lion King played a part in this Pumba costume, complete with a mouthful of chubby grub.



Ewok from Star Wars


We were Star Wars fanatics, too! Ewoks had to be the cutest mammaloid pibeds in show biz. At least I thought my little harry pibed was that year.





One of the funniest costumes had to be this one, that was based on the animated series CatDog. The series depicted a conjoined twin hybrid of a cat and a dog. Their antics were bizarre but the idea made for a great costume.



Crash Bandicoot


The boys soon began to request video game character costumes, like this one, Crash Bandicoot and I obliged. Their reading material included strategy guides. Reading is reading, right?


Alas, those days are gone. We entered many costume contests and won nearly every one. The winning meant recognition for the creative outlet that I craved. The boys enjoyed their contests’ winnings and never once complained about their awkward costumes. As I look back at the pictures, I am not sure why they did not.

Enjoy the SPOOKTACULAR dress up times with your lil’ ghouls and goblins, because time passes…and oh, how so quickly.


16 thoughts on “Oh, I loved thee, Halloween.

  1. OMGoodness – Those costumes are incredible! Mom usually sticks a tutu and a hat on me and we call it a day. I think my favorite of yours is C-C-C-CatDog. I’m afraid of cats, so I’m not sure what would happen if I were connected to one. *gulp*

    Love and licks,


    • Cupcake, you are the best dressed canine that I know. I hope the thought of a CatDog doesn’t give you nightmares. Just remember that it isn’t real and then beg for a treat from your mom for comfort. Who could say no to those big brown eyes?


  2. What a sweet, heartfelt reflection on a holiday where creativity and imagination are at the forefront. Love the way Halloween allowed you to work on such joyful projects with your sons, building such delightful memories together. And, your costumes are amazing, Cathy! Thanks so much for sharing this very special aspect of your parenting and their childhood! 🙂


  3. okay… so sorry it took me so long to get to this AMAZING post You are so very creative. I can see why you won almost every one of the contests. Totally outrageous. The CatDog one is my favorite. Have a great week!
    Cool Mom


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