A CHOCOLATE challenge? You have my attention!

soulJust mention the word CHOCOLATE….and this girl starts salivating. I think Pavlov explained it best.

When K. Lamb, author of The Dani P Mystery series, invited me to participate in the CHOCOLATE Challenge, well let’s just say the drool…eth runneth over. Thank you K. Lamb for the yummy invitation!

Young Nancy Drew fans will love K. Lamb’s mystery series about the capers of Dani P, a pint sized super sleuth. Ms. Lamb is an advocate of children’s literacy and believes all children deserve the gift of reading and the right to become lost within a treasured children’s book.

Check out how K. Lamb solved the CHOCOLATE challenge HERE.

Now, without further ado………the pairing of two things I find quite delicious – PICTURE BOOKS and CHOCOLATE! I chose to pair up some really FUN picture books with some of my favorite CHOCOLATE treats available from around my neck of the woods (current and past).


-by Salina Yoon 17978136FOUND is an adorable book with a simple story line that readers will find endearing. BEAR finds a lost stuffed bunny and tries to find its rightful owner. He grows attached to the bunny by the time the original owner is discovered, but all ends well due to an act of kindness. The endpapers are a delightful discovery and Ms. Yoon’s characters are so irresistible you’ll want to take them home.

CA-108_-4158108238476999919 sign2

I chose a Pecan BEAR Caramel Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to compare with this story. The Granny Smith apple is rolled in caramel, CHOCOLATE and roasted pecans and drizzled with white CHOCOLATE. It was delicious! Plus I considered it one of my recommended fruit servings for the day.

Ironically, after purchasing my precious apple and while carrying it to my car, in a plain paper sack, a young man asked if he could have my “leftovers”. Really? I responded that the bag I was holding did NOT contain leftovers. He obviously needed it more than I did. Had I been as caring as BEAR or Moose in the story I would have done the “right thing” and gladly FOUND the best home for the apple. The guilt! Just look at all that lusciousness, though. Make me feel better and tell me you’d do the same thing. Or not.



This Is A Moose

-written by Richard T. Morris and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld 18349886 THIS IS A MOOSE is a silly story about a MOOSE that has big dreams and won’t accept his assumed animal role. Lots of laughter and silliness, bordering on absurdity, will have your lil’ wild things rolling on the floor laughing.


I chose MOOSE Munch Popcorn from Harry & David, for this pairing. This concoction is SO addicting. I like the Milk CHOCOLATE or the Totally Milk CHOCOLATE best. Who doesn’t like buttery-rich caramel coated popcorn with nuts in your choice of 12 or so flavors? While shopping at Harry & David, a customer suggested that I try the White CHOCOLATE Macadamia Nut MOOSE Munch. So, guess what? I walked out of the store with 3 bags. Mostly, because there was a 3 for sale. I’m a sucker for a tasty sale! I relished half a bag over this book’s illustrations. Just like the moosteriously munchable snack, you’ll want to go back for more and savor ever silly little detail in the book. Harry & David is world renown, but it originated here in Southern Oregon. Read about their history HERE.


It’s an Orange Aardvark

-by Michael Hall


IT’S AN ORANGE AARDVARK! has carpenter ants drilling their way through the pages to examine all the colors of the rainbow and ends in a surprising way.


lillie belleIt’s a unique color concept book with vivid illustrations, and the reason why I paired it with some very sophisticated handmade CHOCOLATES from Lillie Belle Farms. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that this book is sophisticated. It’s quirky and unexpected! For those reasons, I chose their Orange Ganache, Blood Orange Bon Bon, Orange Baton, and Lavender Fleur du Sel Caramel. The chocolatiers at Lillie Belle are true artisans of CHOCOLATE combining some very unique flavors. They artfully packaged my decadent selection and tied it with a purple ribbon.  Presentation is everything!




Three Bears in a Boat

-written and illustrated by David Soman

18378810THREE BEARS IN A BOAT is a charming story of three bear siblings that set off on an adventure to find a replacement for a shell of their mothers that was accidentally broken. Stunning illustrations convey the story from the first to the last page where Mama Bear embraces them in a great big bear hug.

Image 4

Image 3I paired this story with three bars in a (gravy)boat. The bars are from Dagoba Organic Chocolate. I chose new moon, xocolatl, and milk CHOCOLATE tasting squares. Dagoba has a commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainability and is Rainforest Alliance certified. They offer some unique CHOCOLATE products. While I can appreciate the taste of a good quality CHOCOLATE, I personally like mine with added features like nuts or caramel. What I did discover, while at their factory, was Dagoba’s sublime CHOCOLATE Lip Balm. I chose their mint flavored. It’s like having a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie under your nose. Simply divine! Dagoba was purchased in 2006 by the Hershey Company, but until then was a Southern Oregon family owned and operated business.



Galapagos George

-written by Jean Craighead George and paintings by Wendell Minor

14757077GALAPAGOS GEORGE is a non-fiction book that chronicles the extinction of a Giant TORTOISE species in an easy to understand manner. It illustrates nature’s way of adaptation and survival. Another wonderful collaboration between this author and illustrator that explains the natural world to our children. I was saddened by the end of the book, but also to learn of the author’s passing prior to the release of this book. RIP Jean Craighead George, and know that your legacy will live on in your books.

I have always been fascinated by this archipelago and am happy to report that Lovable Lobo visited it in Lobo Goes to the Galapagos, where he introduces his readers to Bobby, a blue-footed booby, one of the many amazing species that call these islands home.

turtles    logo

I paired this with the Kailua Candy Company‘s FAMOUS Macadamia Nut HONUS (Hawaiian for TURTLE). Different species of TURTLE than in the book, I know, but you see the connection, right?
I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for 14 years and know their yummy products all TOO well.  I’d also recommend their Kona Coffee Swirls and their A’a bark. Thank goodness they ship because have you priced a ticket to Hawaii lately?


Is it any wonder why I don’t just sit around all day reading glorious children’s books and snacking on the delicious CHOCOLATE at my beck and call?  That’s what DREAMS are made of, my friends! One cannot neglect what the soul needs.

~Cathy (C.L. Murphy)


Now on to the next CHOCOLATE TAG team’s posts…..


Diane Mae Robinson is the author of The Pen Pieyu Adventures series. Diane has created charming tales about a spirited princess, Sir Princess Petra, and her motley crew. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the third book in the series. When, Diane, when? It’s not nice to make your fans wait so long.

Check out Diane’s CHOCOLATE challenge HERE.


Erik Weibel is the author of The Adventures of Tomato and Pea. I have not read Erik’s book, yet, but I know that it has received rave reviews. Erik is, also, a book blogger extraordinaire and he writes for the Upper Bucks Free Press. Erik has been blogging about children’s books for years but what is amazing is that he IS a KID. A SuperKid!

Check out Erik’s CHOCOLATE challenge HERE.


Stacie Theis is the author of The Blue Daisy: A Lesson in Gratitude & Make a Wish: Believing in Yourself. Her books are sweet stories that teach your kiddos about some valuable life’s lessons. She also offers book promotions services, reviews, interviews and blogs about authors and illustrators at BeachBoundBooks. Stacie has a vast network and if you are an author or illustrator, I’d highly recommend you connecting with her.

Check out Stacie’s CHOCOLATE challenge HERE.



24 thoughts on “A CHOCOLATE challenge? You have my attention!

  1. Hey there, Honorary Knight Lobo’s Queen, your blog post is absolutely fun and delicious, hmmm . . .chocolate, . .yummy . . . drool . . .Oh, and the books sound delightful too. Great job!.There is a surprise for you on my June 28th Chocolate Blog Challenge post.


  2. Oh, I almost didn’t get past the Moose Munch! Oh, so yummy! Thanks for joining the tour Cathy! I truly enjoyed reading your blog and I’m so happy you decided to come along on the tour. I treasure the friendship we have developed over our love of books and look forward to reading more of your insights in the future!


  3. Drooling – actually, closer to slobbering – after reading your post! Such perfect chocolate pairings to fun kiddo stories (I want your job, K?). You had way too much fun on this ‘assignment’ I can tell…Loved it!
    and p.s.: wet nose kisses to Lobolicious 🙂


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  6. These look like great books! I need to roam my library’s shelves. Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Thanks for the chocolate reminder also!!


  7. What a fabulous post! And can I just tell you that I actually name the Kailua Candy Company as an absolute “must stop” on the Big Island. That place is EPIC! I have never seen a place give out so many free samples. Love it there! Thank you for linking your mouth-watering post in the Kid Lit Blog Hop!


    • Hi, Renee! I’m glad to see you and I frequent the same kind of places that serve chocolate. Ha! Thank you for hosting the fantabulous Kid Lit Blog Hop and for stopping by to comment.


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